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Monday, 14 March 2011

Stuck in a rut with writers block.

No one can truly ever understand writers block unless you love writing. The desire to write, and write something well thought out and interesting, rather than just anything.

Since finishing my journalism course you would have thought that I would be working in some kind of publication by now (or be dying whilst trying), well that isn't the case.

When on my job hunt last year, I realised to have a shot at being a journalist I'd be expected to work for free for a year or so; if you happen to have enough money to fund two years off work, then maybe it would be possible. There is no guarantee that the 'work-experience' will land you a job at the end, what with the amount of wannabe journalists out there.
I decided to get a 'normal' job and write on the side, what happened was that working a 40 hour week sapped my energy, and my creative streak with it.

I have now changed jobs, to a 35 hour week, and I can already feel my energy and motivation levels moving up (and more importantly, my writers block is starting to shift).

This blog is being written to get some words flowing, as I need to get the practice in again.
I do have a few writing ideas up my sleeve:
I started writing a short novel back in December, which is still in its early stages (the first part was submitted into a writing competition, but didn't make it through), and I intend on finishing the creative writing course I have been slowly working at for a few years.
As I want to be a music journalist (how original), I do have a couple of ideas for articles, and I hope to get writing for a couple of free, online publications.

I want to find a niche for my blog too, but I think that's something that will come out of the blue some day, rather than me just trying to force it!
For me it would be something observational, maybe the House MD in me style blog...or would that be a little too cynical?

Sorry for such a boring blog, it feels like I have written a 'to-do' list to myself. I hope the next one will be better...

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