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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Speaking too soon & not taking the moral high-ground...

Yes, I spoke too soon. After I wrote my last blog I took my medication, not knowing that in fact I was taking the mid-dose (from 8.8mg, to 22mg - quite a difference), as it happens automatically. I then looked at the screen on my medication device and thought: "Oh shit."

I woke up the next day feeling like I had the flu, and was too drowsy to drive, so I had to text my boss asking for emergency holiday - there goes my aim of not taking a sick day off this month: fail.

Anyway, after a day of being like a zombie, I'm back to normal for now - until the next time.

This week was Valentines Day and I saw some varying degrees of status updates on Facebook. Mine was saying Happy Kaching Day to the card companies (which is true on Mothers Day/Fathers Day/Easter/Xmas...and anything else they can possibly make into a holiday).

I guess this day is limited to people who are actually in relationships, so at least being single does have some advantages - I don't have to spend any money on this one: win.

If i was in a relationship though, I would perhaps do swapping cards, but nothing else (and no, I'm not saying that because I'm single and trying to take the moral high-ground). I think hand-made cards show effort, and no money goes to Hallmark/Clinton cards either!
I'm a cheap date in that respect, but I think gestures throughout the year are important too.

Now here's the rant: I was talking to one of my friends the other day about Valentines and how smug people in relationships have to brag to your face.

Smug person: "So Jo, what did you get for Valentines/what are you doing?"
Jo: "Er, nothing, I'm not seeing anyone."
Smug person: "Well, I got flowers, chocolates, perfume, oh and he is taking me out tonight too. I can't imagine being single."
Jo: (Thinking) Did I ask? Oh, and thanks!

With Facebook, many singletons were saying what is the point, and the non-singletons were arguing the point of they do make gestures throughout the year, but like to do things on Valentines too. I think both have a fair-point.
I just wouldn't celebrate it, as more often not, I never seem to have a boyfriend on Valentines, so it's not something I usually do (one Valentines I went to Amsterdam, and told him to go out with his mates - best Valentines ever), it'd be like me suddenly declaring I'd like to celebrate Diwali or Hannukah.

That's probably nearly enough self-indulgent ramblings for one week; aside from one more thing - I'm taking my younger sister to see Rizzle Kicks in March, so I decided to have a listen to their album, so I'd know some songs when we go, and I actually quite like it... There's a lot of ska-influences in there, and they heavily sampled The Clash "Revolution Rock" (anything with The Clash in or on, I will invariably like or buy - I even have Clash drinks coasters...)

My music taste has being becoming more broad over the past couple of years anyway, but who'd've thought me and my sister would actually agree on something...she does like Lady GaGa though and there is no way I will go down that route - that would be one step too far.

Ciao/Tchau for now xxx

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