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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Back to reality...

Well my last blog was me at one of my lowest points in the past year. I did feel embarrassed sharing that with whomever stumbled across it, but y'know what? My blog is about not sugarcoating life, so it will stay on here.

The relapse is now pretty much on its way out - which means this one only lasted a month in total, so the meds (no matter how much I hate taking them), might actually be working.
My last relapse had the usual pins and needles, fizzy feet (yes, it feels like a fizzing sensation...v odd), dizziness, crap memory, slurred speech and fatigue. Fun times. The burning arm feeling came back, which is best described like my arm being set on fire - lovely.

As with everything from now on, I won't hold my breath, as MS is pretty unpredictable, but in the short-term that is a good sign that the relapse was shorter than usual.

My neurologist is also keen for me to take the pill for MS (I think he may actually be human now, as he said the criteria was "ridiculous"), but the Primary Care Trust and NICE (not so), have some strict guidelines.
I need to be on the medication I'm currently on for a year, and if I have a relapse in that time, then I MAY be able to get the new medication. The neurologist said I technically have had a relapse on my meds, but as I haven't been taking the high dose for that long, the Primary Care Trust might not count it.

It's frustrating that there is a better medication out there (not just because I wouldn't have to inject, it is meant to be slightly better than my current one), and not being able to use it. What is the point of inventing something, slapping a huge price tag on it, for no one to be able to afford it? Anyway, I guess I'll have to wait and see!

Life is back to normal again and positivity is creeping back into my mind. I've said it before, and I will say it again, I have great friends and family.

Doubts will still remain, but life will go on regardless, pick yourself up and carry on (no matter how painful).

Now, before I ramble on even more or get philosophical...Ciao xx

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