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Monday, 23 April 2012

To sum up a quarter of a century...

...is like being asked to name my favourite of something - I'm indecisive, and love too many things. I love to write, and can summarise if needs be, so I'll try this time.

I'm going to be 25 this Sunday, which to me seems like a milestone - I'm actually an adult now. The years leading up to it felt like a practice run in a way, but I'm sure I still have a lot to learn (typical me I'll probably figure it all out on my death bed, with my last breath - yes, I can be a morbid one).

I did think at the age of 18 I'd be a professional musician (rock star), or journalist by my age, and that I'd've moved out of home - The latter which I've done at least...for the 4th time.

The good things about life so far:

1. A supportive and loving family, and the same with my friends - some of which who have come and gone, but the ones who remain, and the ones I have gained, are the important ones (oh, how poetic!)

2. Living in a peaceful country...thus far (the cynicism will always be with me).

3. Having experienced and accomplished a good amount in 25 years...may it continue. (Being in bands, recording an album, meeting my heroes, living in another country, being a published writer...well, in a couple of publications anyway...)

The bad things?

1. Life has thrown some sh!t my way, but generally being optimistic, I've got through it. I give someone permission to slap me, if I turn into a "Woe is me!" type person in the next 25 years.

2. Being ill and the feeling of missing out on things the past 5 years, but that said, I've started to make up for that, and will continue to do so!

This is a "Dear Diary" type blog again, so sorry for the rambling on.

What do you want to accomplish by the time you're 50? I change my mind every 5 minutes, but would like to think by then I'll be cured of MS (stem-cell therapy please), have an established career/occupation, have travelled the world, fallen in love (for the right person next time), own a house, and above all - be happy! I'm not asking much then...




stuart said...

The passage of time is frightening sometimes. I had a similar milestone birthday last month when I turned 40... which still seems strange to say it now. It seems like a proper grown-up age... I think 'milestone birthdays' are like a bit of a wake up call. Something nudging you saying 'time to get a move on with whatever you want to do...'. Alas, I still have no idea though!

Jo said...

I agree, they are definitely a nudge. It all depends on what life throws your way, money and responsibilities on whether you can achieve your dreams or not i guess.

Here's to winning the lottery! haha...