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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Just like clockwork...

So my last blog I was in fact describing a relapse, which I thought I'd managed to bypass, but unfortunately not, although "the peak" as I will call it, lasted less than a week.

"The Peak" for me means when I get the worse symptoms, then the fatigue kicks in...big time. The cluster headaches will not subside though, and it feels like a sharp, stabbing pain behind my eye. I'm not going to assume this is just because of MS though, I can't blame every health affliction on MS, so I plan on seeing a doctor to make sure it's nothing else! (Hopefully nothing worse!)

I nearly lost total use of my left hand last week, something new. One hand was numb and having spasms, and the other was just spasm-ing (not a word, but hey, the English language is always changing...)

But yes, this relapse is "just like clockwork", as I seem to get ill gradually from June/July/August, relapsing, then lasting through to some point in September/October. This is the one time I don't like something being on time...

The plus side? Maybe the PCT will allow me the pill medication (maybe even some Sativex for the strange neurological sensations...unlikely though).


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