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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Apologies for the unimaginative title, I'm not feeling particularly inspired today, but feel like writing something.

I've been trying for the past few months to work through as much tiredness as possible (sometimes failing, and waking up with my revision book on my face - true story), so I live my life, rather than just purely survive.

Forming a band has hit a brick wall, as it's seemingly impossible to find a good drummer, which isn't in five other bands or more! I do have two new leads though, so my aim is now to have had a jam with this band by November.

Writing wise, I'm now writing music reviews and a monthly blog for Uber Rock (http://www.uberrock.co.uk/features/84-september-features/5936-no-sugarcoating-a-no-bullshit-september.html) The blog is music related, in some way, obviously, take a peek if you like.

To try and progress at work, I've decided to study for and take my first financial exam in November (being crap at maths, I never thought I would be taking a financial exam!)

Most importantly, for fun, next year I'm hoping to go to Glastonbury, and a big trip to America/Canada/New Zealand at the end of 2013, to Jan 2014, which means working overtime (if my fatigue allows it) to save up a good few grand. Of course, if I win the lottery anytime soon, I'll buy a round the world ticket in an instant, buy a desert island, write to my hearts content, build a recording studio & hire a drummer! However, I think the latter is very unlikely...


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stuart said...

I will be taking my first financial exam next year too... I really have no idea how this happened. Or will happen. I failed my maths GCSE three times in a row...