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Thursday, 7 February 2013

The final cut...maybe

My indecisiveness has made my blog pretty quiet for the past four months. I did put two posts on, one of which I realised I hadn't published by mistake, but as they were in the wrong order, I deleted them, and didn't bother putting them in the right order. Oh well.

Plus, even though I have an unfortunate theme for my blog, and I've made it a "Dear Diary..." regarding my MS, and it'd be odd to suddenly start writing about my dinner, and chores around the house (why would I, unless I really did want to bore whomever decides to read this), I did get a bit bored of writing about MS. I figured I was maybe getting a bit repetitive.

So maybe a slight hiatus is a good thing.

I still am experiencing a relapse, which my MS nurse tried to comfort me by saying: "It's mainly sensory though, so not too much to worry about", oh, okay then, that's good...oh these fiery pins and needles shooting up and down both legs, and on my face, is just lovely! Not to mention my goldfish memory, jumbling of speech, dizziness, fatigue, hand spasms, occasional weird eye pain/swelling, and indescribable headaches.

I'm sure she didn't mean to trivialise my symptoms, and she probably meant at least I'm still able to walk (which of course I'm happy for, although sometimes I'm so dizzy I can't actually get up and walk), but it did irk me slightly, never mind though eh.

Despite this, I've decided to start an Open Uni course, hopefully going towards a degree, and thankfully it has a big time-frame in which to complete a degree (anything from three to sixteen years, although I'm aiming to do it part-time over 6-7 years).

I'll be out of the house-share in a few weeks, which I was blogging about so keenly last year, it's crazy how quickly the year has passed. Staying with family, saving up, hopefully getting a flat to myself in June/July time.

Anyway, this is a bit of a nothing post, just so I can say I have my first blog post for 2013. Once I can think of something else, I'll write another.


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