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Thursday, 27 November 2014

A welcome distraction...

Hello again, I felt like posting a quick blog...just because (admittedly I am avoiding reading boring chapters in a Uni book, and making it much harder for myself, but hey, I seem to work better with tight deadlines!)

My medication seems to be working, albeit slowly, and I've been hampered by various Autumn/Winter bugs which are going around. I actually had two whole days where I felt happy AND healthy - believe me, that hasn't happened in about three years. The cold I had was fought off quickly (as usual), but I didn't get the usual MS related crap afterwards, which was just amazing (some minor fiery pins & needles on my face, but that is nothing). Then, of course, I sucummbed to a horrible virus which would not go, then I got Tonsillitis AGAIN! So now I'm feeling exhausted, but unable to sleep until the morning, which then of course goes round in a vicious circle, as I need to sleep into the afternoon.

I've found some good herbal sleeping pills though, which work well, so hopefully I'll be back on to a normal sleeping pattern soon.

I had a letter last week from the Occupational Health Company that my employer uses, which included a report from my Neurologist. Essentially they can't see me returning to work at all any time in the near future, and although some of my symptoms have subsided, they have had a lasting effect, so this could I could turn into Secondary-Progressive MS (although it might not) . I think to be honest, as my medication appears to be working, as my latest relapse wasn't as long as usual (painful, but only a few weeks), hopefully minimal damage will be done in the future, which hopefully means delaying the Secondary-Progressive stage, or not going on to it at all! (Wishful thinking!)

Anyway, all I can do is keep doing what I'm doing, which is eating better, taking my wide array of supplements, and keep up with the Physiotherapy.

Hopefully then I can recover somewhat, because if my muscles get some tone back, and are in good condition, then that will ease the fatigue, as I won't need to work as hard to get up out of a chair, or walk.

Cognitive function is a huge problem with going back to work too, as I need to be on the ball there (mistakes means breaches - if you work in the financial services, you'll know what these are!)I get a little window each day where I can think and speak reasonably well without it being too much of an effort, but it is unpredictable, and some days, I can't think well at all - much like my brain being replaced with cotton wool! When I do get the opportunity, I read or I do some of my part-time degree (how I am managaing I don't know!)

I will try and write again before Christmas...bye for now!