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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Good health is now 90% loaded...

Well I'm getting back on track after my trip down under, and despite my wish to evade winter, that didn't happen (dammit), but getting 2.5 weeks of uninterrupted vitamin d, I can hardly complain (but I'm British, and I love the sun, so I might well do). I had an amazing time with some awesome people - spending time with friends, and making new ones. I also developed a bit of a Tim Tam addiction that I'm trying to curb (I have 3 packets in my cupboard for friends, and I've managed not to break into them so far...)

I caught the flu on one of my flights back home, so coupled with jet-lag, I hibernated most of last week. While I'm happy with that than the alternative (being outside in 0c), I have noticed a changed in my mood. Some of it has to do with the fact that I've been fighting off an illness, plus jet-lag, but some of it has to do with my sudden change in environment - swapping being outside for most of the day, to hibernating under a duvet with the blinds closed (I didn't want to be reminded of the snow, but maybe keeping them open would have been better in hindsight!) I bought a CD which reminds me of summer when I was 13/14, and is helping my mood somewhat ('MTV Rocks - Pop Punk vs The World'), and I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would!

Anyway, I'm so glad that I managed the journey there and back, plus being busy whilst I was there, I only had two days where I had around ten minutes or so of slight tingling in my hand, and that was it! Jo - 1. MS - 0. Ha.

Going away has further made me realise that I need to be living in a warm country, with low-humidity. So this is next on my agenda. I've applied for my Working Holiday Visa for Australia, and it's been granted (already!) It isn't a done deal, as I may change my mind, and although I know that Portugal would be so much easier to get to, I want to experience living somewhere new for a while, having already spent a large chunk of time in Portugal. I'll have to time my travelling around Australia well, and avoid the particularly humid parts at certain times of the year though (or maybe now my health is so much better, humidity may not affect me as much as it used to).

I was under the impression that in June I may have the all-clear re MS progression, as my neuro said that if my next scan is clear, he could discharge me to my GP. This could mean that I wouldn't need to see a neurologist, and maybe not have further blood tests. However, the MS therapy team that I deal with reckon that what my neuro said is wrong, re not having to see him again, and I will definitely need to have blood tests for a few more years (maybe then no more neuro visits). My MS Nurse has been very supportive saying that I should go if I can make it work, and the MS Therapy team are more cautious (although understandable as they're in charge of my care).

By the looks of it I may be able to get around it by paying to have a monthly blood test for the year that I'm away (as I'm not permanently emigrating yet), then have the results faxed to the MS Therapy team. They then contact me if there are any issues, and I then see the equivalent of a GP to arrange whatever needs to be arranged. I've found some options for insurance, although if I need to pay for anything relating to my monthly bloods, I have to pay for it (which at worst could mean issues with the thyroid, at best a vitamin deficiency). One insurance covers pre-existing conditions after a year, if I decided to stay for longer, I could see a neuro there after a year, but I would see him before I go.

I would probably have the same issues wherever I decided to move to, and there is always a way round things, so if I'm 100% on going, I will find a way! I would have liked to have travelled round Aus/NZ in my early twenties, but then MS hit, so I couldn't. I realise that I am incredibly lucky to even be considering this, but now that I am 90% there health wise, I'm going to take every opportunity I can. While simultaneously living parts of my twenties I missed out on, and figuring out what I want for my future now that I'm in my thirties. I also plan on carrying on with my studies whilst I'm abroad, so I can still be awarded my degree next year. Just as well I thrive on being busy!

In the meantime, I need to look into part-time work, and plotting my escape, wherever it is that I will end up. I also have my studies to finish for the academic year (just over two months left of this module, thank f**k!) I want to be in a band, but I'll stick to playing guitar and bass by myself for now until I know what I'm doing.

Anyway, until next time...


Jo xx

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