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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Total remission! (I think...)

This is just a quick blog today, as I'm doing this from my phone.

I had an MRI scan last week, one with contrast dye, and one without. Today I saw my neurologist, and he said that he couldn't see any new lesions (like last time), and he couldn't see any active lesions (I am unsure what he meant here, as there is a bit of a language barrier, he may have just meant no new lesions).

He showed me last year's scan and this years, and I noticed that the inflammation in one has totally gone down!

I won't know the actual results until he has had a chance to analyse it properly, and then I'll get a letter detailing it. However, for now, things are looking positive. My blood results are normal, and the only downside is catching every bug going, but I can live with that.

The treatment has been a success, and I start a new job in under two weeks time too. I nearly need to pinch myself, as it almost doesn't seem real, and I still feel a bit on edge like it won't last. Maybe with my life getting back on track I can learn to be happy, and that it's ok to be so.

Until next time...


Jo xx

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