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Life won't wait...

I decided to take a bit of a hiatus from my blog recently, mainly because I was adjusting to a new job, and I was worried about my employer ...


Sunday, 22 July 2018

Life won't wait...

I decided to take a bit of a hiatus from my blog recently, mainly because I was adjusting to a new job, and I was worried about my employer finding out about my plans to go to Australia. I even made my blog private I was that paranoid of being found out, but I can't see how they could trace me as I use a different email address for this blog, and my name here is just 'Jo.'

My workplace being the kind of workplace that it is, I think my employer almost expects people to stay there for short periods of time, as we were asked in one training session how long we were planning on working there. I decided to keep quiet though, as I witnessed one person being sacked, my employer was so stealthy in their dealing with this that none if us knew what was going on at the time.

I've realised pretty quickly why I previously moved from working in a contact centre to a more admin based role, as my patience has certainly been worn thin by my previous roles (just over three years of figuratively being chained to my desk, and being a verbal punching bag). I can deal with it as it is short term, but I'm unhappy that we were lied to with the amount of weekends we have to work. Consequently, rather than being unhappy and complaining about it, I have also applied for a few temporary admin jobs, which will last me until I leave in eleven weeks time (it is coming around quickly!)

My MS has been behaving itself, which I'm relieved at, since my body has been shocked back into the working world. Amazingly working seems to have fixed my insomnia (for the time being anyway). This is a great test for how I will fare when I go to Australia, and I think I'm coping. I often have a lot of spare time in the evenings, which will be taken up by studying when I'm away. The weather also seems to be preparing me for Australia in a way, as I haven't seen a drop of rain in about a month (apparently it rained the other day, but I was at work and thus totally oblivious). It may not be in the forties, but any place I've lived in the UK always seems to turn into an oven in the summer, and with no air-con, it seems hotter than it actually is. Saying that, I am loving this weather, and am relishing sitting out on the work balcony on my lunch break sunning myself every day.

What with my move being so nearby, I nearly freaked out the other day when I realised just how much I have to get done, so I've started getting organised again. I have stuff that I need to sell on eBay/Gumtree, then I need to look into my health and travel insurances. Then there is selling all of my furniture, which doesn't need to be done until September, although there is a slight chance that this may be earlier if I end up staying with my Mum for a month, in which case, then I will be clearing the majority of my things within the next month...eek!

Despite all I have to get done, I am really excited about my plans for the next year and beyond. Although I will miss my friends and family in the UK whilst I'm away, my life definitely needs a shake up. Life is good, in terms of my health and employment, but it feels somewhat stagnant. While I was busy being kicked in the arse by MS, life carried on (as it should), friends moved away, people's lives progressed, mine didn't. Not that I'm yearning to have children or be married, as I am loving not being tied down right now, but when I want to just hang out with a friend and go out to do whatever, it isn't always possible, most people I know have their families or commitments. I'm going away to have a new adventure, maybe even make a new life for myself, and I think it's definitely the right decision.

I think that the title of this blog post is quite fitting, because life doesn't and won't wait. I just wish I could be at the point I'm ready to go now, but I know I need to make the most of being here for the time being.

Until next time...


Jo xx

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