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Monday, 20 August 2018

Under seven weeks and counting...

Well, a fair amount has happened since my last blog, in that I've moved out of my flat, and started a new temp role. I've spent the past few weeks sorting and packing my stuff, and then moved out the weekend before last. Now that the move has passed, I feel that I can finally sit down and write. I've written a list of what needs doing, rather than running through it in my head at 2am (the favoured time for my mind to be up and working away), and now this blog.

With the move, my Dad has bought the majority of my things (even taking most of the carpets, as they were mine too, and generally the done thing with council flats in the UK), which has made moving out so much easier. That said, packing up my things and sorting everything out whilst working full time, (which included working eight days straight when working out my notice at my old job, and then starting my new temp role), made me totally exhausted.

All I have to do now is pick up a few bits, vacuum the flat, and then hand in the keys this Friday. I'm sure I'll be sad not living at the flat, my own space, where I was for four and a half years, but the next part of my life I'm excited about.

My MS has behaved well despite me being so busy, although as always, I half-expect it to reappear with big f**k you. I've only felt a minor prescence with an occasional tingling in my left arm though, and for barely any time at all (also not every day). Hopefully this feeling of being on edge might disipate; having a chronic health condition and being at its mercy for a large chunk of my life, I'm hardly surprised that I feel this way.

I have a lot left to organise, but I'm happy that the most stressful part has gone. I still have to sort out some of my possessions, sell some things, save money, decide on what insurances to get (travel & health), and accomodation for the first couple of weeks (kind of important!) I have a rough idea on the latter two, I just need to decide and stop procrastinating (an excellent skill of mine). I've also spotted a job that I want to apply for, and there's getting my CV ready to register with some recruitment agencies.

So yeah, in just under seven weeks, I will be in Australia! I'm more excited than I am nervous at the moment, which is a good sign!

Anyway, until next time...


Jo xx

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